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Oieeee! : P
Hoje o assunto é meio estranho pra galera brazuca mas, como sei que tem muitos bonitinhos que me leem aqui de outros cantos do mundo onde nesse momento é inverno nível hard, hoje tem o primeiro post em parceria com o pessoal querido do Lookbook.Nu! Espero que vocês curtam as dicas pois eu já estou amando esses novos parceiros! Liga a tecla SAP aí e vem comigo! : )
YEY! : P
Today the subject may sound a little bit awkward for my Brazilian readers but, as I know many of you my beloved readers are from diferent places of the world, where right now is winter/snow time. Soooo today we’ll have the first post in partnership with my dear guys from Lookbook.Nu! I hope you enjoy every tip as much as I’m enjoying this new Mademoiselle partners! : )
Does staying warm this winter while looking great at the same time prove to be a challenge for you? Well, sigh no more as this post will sure to help you with your dilemma (hopefully). Take a look at these 5 sexy winter wear must haves I have written down just for you guys and let me know what you think. 😉

5. Knitted Pullovers

are just fantastic, especially the pullover types. These are ideal for showing just a tiny bit of skin while staying warm at the same time. Add this to your wardrobe this winter and you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eyes.

4. Puffer Vests


Puffer vests are simple, chic and has been the trend for quite some time now. I would highly recommend getting one. (And it is on my wishlist for next season here at Brazil)
3. Knit Sweater Coats

If you know me, you’ll know that I just
love sweater coats. I really do! But this next one is a bit different. It’s a sweater coat
but  knitted (yay!). Nothing screams sexy
and comfy better than this fine piece of clothing right here, ladies. And
what’s the best thing about it? This particular one can just be found right here. 😉

2. Parkas

Parkas are big (really big). But don’t let
that discourage you as they go perfectly well with a good pair of leggings
and  leather boots.

1. Sweater Coats


If you are a sweater person like me but are
also very into coats then this outfit is just for you. Sweater coats may not be
a thing now but they are sure going to be in the near future. I guarantee it. I
mean, just look at the photo above. Isn’t it just the cutest things you’ve ever

Fotos: Lookbook/Pinterest

– Which one do you prefer? // Qual vocês preferem?

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  • Reply
    20 de janeiro de 2015 at 18:38

    Adorei os itens =)


  • Reply
    Gih Gavazzi
    20 de janeiro de 2015 at 19:50

    Adorei a parka.
    mas não consigo pensar em frio agora, tem um calor em SP que parece eterno

  • Reply
    21 de janeiro de 2015 at 18:51

    Que bom Nat! : )


  • Reply
    21 de janeiro de 2015 at 18:51

    A parka é mesmo linda né Gih! Eu também tô morrendo de calor mas, sonhando com a neve! heheheh


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